Powering LED Lighting for Horticulture

This educational white paper will show how you can lower costs and improve your results with the right driver for your horticultural LED lighting.

We have seen the use of horticultural LED lighting grow considerably.

The increasing use of LED lighting for growing in greenhouses, and indoor and vertical farm has been a driver in the power supply industry.

Experts at Artesyn have created this white paper to help you define a power strategy that could have a significant impact on the capital and operating expenses of a variety of grow operations.

We start with an overview of the horticultural LED lighting market, covering types of lighting, trends and market drivers, and applications.

This is followed by examples of different horticultural LED lighting approaches, comparing:

  • A conventional power distribution where the LED driver is integrated with the lighting fixture
  • A remote LED driver approach, using a centralized power system to drive multiple LED lighting fixtures

These application examples are supported by financial models, which have been validated by Artesyn’s grow light fixture customers and growers themselves.

To get this white paper, please fill in this form and you will receive an email with a download link.

To get this white paper, please fill in this form and you will receive an email with a download link.

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