Powering Next-Generation Horticultural Lighting Systems

Why use Advanced Energy’s Centralized, Remote Driver system?

  • Eliminate drivers from the grow room
  • Reduce energy and installation costs
  • Simplify lighting control for any LED fixtures
  • Integrate GROWINSIGHT™ for remote control and monitoring


LCM4000HV Module & LCM12K Shelf

LCM4000HV centralized remote driver product family can be deployed as a single 4,000W module or as a hot-swappable 12,000W shelf for 120,000W in a standard 19" rack

  • 12kW, 1U Power shelf
  • 3 independent outputs
  • Modules hot pluggable
  • 100VDC – 300VDC
  • 1-phase modules, 3-phase shelf
  • Supports 0-10V dimming
  • MODBUS RTU digital control & monitors

iHP Series

iHP centralized remote driver product family is a flexible, modular based system. Featuring up to eight outputs that can be configured independently to support multiple applications

  • 24kW in 3U shelf
  • 8 independent outputs
  • Up to 1000V capable
  • 1-phase & 3-phase AC input
  • Supports 0-10V dimming on every module
  • CANBUS, MODBUS, Ethernet digital control & monitoring

Intelligent Transfer Switch (iTS)

Intelligent transfer switch is a software controlled relay system that works with the centralized power solution to power two grow rooms with the same remote power system. Great for applications with 12 on/off schedules or for expanding facilities without requiring additional power drops in the building.

  • DC Transfer switch
  • Power 2X the grow lights
  • A/B room operation
  • 100% utilization of remote power (24 hr/day)

GROWINSIGHT Control & Monitoring

The power of IoT cloud computing in the grow room. Control and monitor the lighting control system from anywhere. System allows for schedule interaction in the cloud, but protects against network outages by running the schedule locally on dedicated microcomputers.

  • IoT Digital Cloud Control Solution
  • Monitor Grow from anywhere
  • Automatic alerts
  • Sensor Integration

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