Power Solutions for Data Center Racks

Artesyn’s simplicity of architecture for rapid deployment makes it the ideal solution for hyperscale and cloud computing data centers.

Multi-faceted expertise in the design of power shelves:

  • Integration of PDUs, shelves, and modules
  • Power management and user interface
  • Considerations for installation and maintenance
  • Ingress protection
  • Various input voltage options
  • Future-proofing designs


Fan Trays/Cooling Modules

Our capabilities include the design of cooling modules to effectively manage thermal challenges.

PDU Solutions

Power Shelves Our designs provide a wide range of PDU solutions from the simple to the intelligently managed distributed network power. Whatever your needs, we can provide filtering, load balancing, metering, and monitoring and control.

Power Shelves

Our breadth of expertise will manage thermal complexity to handle cooling, and provide every watt of usable power from the power cord to the chip.


AC-DC Solutions

Our portfolio covers a wide output power range with options for 12 V or 48 V output voltage solutions. Our technology enables high density and high efficiency designs.

DC-DC Solutions

We offer alternative input options to our modules to enable flexibility in the ever-changing hyperscale market.

Battery Backup Modules

Our designs for backup power help fulfill power requirements for mission critical environments when you need it, where you need it.



Power Shelves and Rectifiers

  • Bulk front-end power for systems that use DPA or IBA
  • Individual power ratings up to 3,000 watts
  • Includes 1U, 2U and 3U high rack-mount models

48 V DC-in Versions of AC-DC Supplies

  • For battery-backed telecom and central office applications
  • Includes 48 Vdc input versions of DS Series
  • 48 Vdc input versions of some open-frame models

Open Compute Platform ORV2

  • Redundant (2+1) output 6600W at 12.6V with ac
  • Houses 3x3300W power modules and 3x3600W Lithium Ion battery back up m
  • Open Compute Project (OCP) compliant

Open Compute Platform ORV3

  • Open Compute Project (OCP) compliant
  • Houses 6 x 3000W power modules
  • Very high efficiency

Artesyn 50 V, 18 KW, 1OU Open Rack Power Shelves

  • 15 kW at 50 V with N + 1 redundancy or 9 kW at 50 V with N + N redundancy (dual feed shelf)
  • Highly accurate droop + active current sharing
  • Houses 6 x 3000 W power modules and a removable shelf controller

Artesyn 50V 3kW Open Rack V3 PSU

  • Peak efficiency 97.5%
  • Efficiency greater than 96.5% for 230 VAC to 277 VAC and 30% to 100% load range
  • 200 VAC to 277 VAC nominal input voltage range