Power Shelf

A power shelf is typically a rackmount system used in data center racks designed to provide power rectification, system management and power distribution. Artesyn’s power shelves can be populated with power supplies from our standard product range, allowing you to configure a rack scale power system to suit your data center applications. We have developed a rack management controller (RMC) sometimes known as a shelf management controller to provide monitoring and control functions via the data center management network.

Artesyn designs power shelves for high reliability and to minimize installation and maintenance time while offering flexibility for future expansion. Our data center power shelves provide easy access hot-swap insertion to allow power modules to be exchanged while under live power operation.

Open Compute Platform ORV2

  • Redundant (2+1) output 6600W at 12.6V with active share
  • Houses 3x3300W power modules and 3x3600W Lithium Ion battery back up modules
  • Open Compute Project (OCP) compliant

Open Compute Platform ORV3

  • Open Compute Project (OCP) compliant
  • Houses 6 x 3000W power modules
  • Very high efficiency

48V, 30 kW, 2RU EIA 19” Power Shelf

  • For compute and storage applications
  • Capacity for twelve 3 kW hot-swappable single phase PSU modules