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As one of the largest power supply companies in the world, Artesyn Embedded Power has many years’ experience designing and manufacturing advanced power solutions for data center, enterprise, telecom, industrial and medical applications. Artesyn offers simplicity in design and rapid deployment for Hyperscale and Cloud Computing needs. Our portfolio covers a wide output power range, with options for both 12 and 48V output voltage solutions with a relentless focus on optimizing efficiency and power density to reduce total cost of ownership.

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The Software-Defined Power Advantage
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Talk to your Artesyn contact about how we can help you reduce operating costs for your data center, backed by a dedicated R&D and operations team to ensure swift deployment and stable operation for your program needs.

Innovation in Data Center Power Distribution

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Power Shelf

Artesyn's breadth of expertise will manage thermal complexity to handle cooling, and squeeze every Watt of usable power from the power cord to chip

Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Artesyn provides a wide range of power solutions from the simple to the intelligently managed distributed network power that provide filtering, load balancing, metering, and monitoring and control

Backup Power

Artesyn's power back-up solutions helps fulfill power requirements for mission critical environments

Server and Storage

Titanium and platinum efficiency standard or custom power supplies from 500W to >3000W for a wide variety of datacenter applications.


Artesyn has helped pave the way for advancements in IT infrastructure in computing and data storage systems. Our power supplies carry high conversion efficiency, low costs, high reliability and meet all pre-approved safety standards.

Hot-Pluggable PSU

Artesyn’s innovations for hyperscale and cloud computing data centers have a relentless focus on optimizing your total cost of ownership

Power Solutions for Data Center Racks

Artesyn’s simplicity of architecture for rapid deployment makes it the ideal solution for hyperscale and cloud computing data centers

DC-DC Modules

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