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Rapid Modification & Value Added Solutions
Why Use A Modified Standard Power Supply?

Time-to-market, reliability and costs have the greatest impact on your ROI. Fully custom solutions can delay your time-to-market and undermine your competitive advantage. So why pay custom development costs when Artesyn Embedded Power can deliver a modified standard power supply sample the way you want it, delivered in days at a standard price.

Modified Advantage:

What You Will Get From Artesyn Embedded Power' Modified Power Supplies

  • Broad portfolio of power supplies to choose from
  • Quick time to market vs. custom solutions
  • Low risk - using proven reliable platforms as building blocks
  • Cost effective (Lower development cost)
  • Quality, high reliability products
  • Gain a competitive advantage

Artesyn Embedded Power has you Covered!

While Artesyn Embedded Power offer a broad range of standard products that address the needs of many industries, there are occasions when a standard product does not address all your application requirements. Also, a custom solution does not always make economic sense, especially in terms of your schedule needs. This is where the knowledge and expertise of Artesyn Embedded Power really pays dividends. By using proven standard platforms as building blocks, we can develop cost-effective turnkey power solutions that meet your exact needs.

Value-added Engineering

There may be occasions when a modified standard product does not address all your power needs, but a full custom power supply is too expensive, or does not meet your schedule needs. This is where the knowledge and expertise of Artesyn Embedded Power, combined with our diverse product range, really pays dividends. By using a combination of modified power supplies, proven standard platform building blocks and application-specific software, we can develop cost-effective turnkey power solutions that meet your exact needs.

Understanding Your Needs

We are acknowledged power supply experts, with the immense resources of Artesyn Embedded Power to call upon at any stage. The implications of this are considerable. We have a truly global presence, enabling you to communicate your needs quickly and easily with a local representative. Our technical capabilities are second-to-none, which means that all our modified standard products provide best-in-class performance. And we have the financial strength and credibility of a leading world-class company, ensuring that you can be confident of our support throughout the life cycle of your project and beyond.

We recognize that every customer's application is unique, but it may be the case that the requested product modifications have a technical precedent. Which is why we take care to gain a full understanding of your needs. Our extensive applications expertise, built up over many years, often enables us to recommend standard product modifications that you may not have considered, further helping to reduce your procurement costs and product development time.

Safety, Quality & Reliability

All standard power supplies from Artesyn Embedded Power are fully qualified to international safety standards and appropriate EMC/RFI regulations. Most modified standard products continue to comply with these requirements after modification, but where necessary we can expedite safety approval from the appropriate agencies, to further minimize impact on your own product development schedules.All our main manufacturing plants including our modified standards facilities are certified to the international ISO9000, ISO14000 and ISO13485 quality standards, with the entire organization committed to a total quality philosophy. Continual review of quality, from design through to manufacturing and test, ensures that product reliability is built-in from the outset.


Electrical Parameters

  • Factory Vout Preset
  • Low Noise
  • Power & Efficiency Upgrades
  • Hot Swap Control
  • Inrush Current Control
  • Integrated PDU Assemblies
  • Compliance to industry Standards


  • Cable Wire Assemblies
  • Bus Bar Design
  • Overmoudling
  • Connector Changes
  • Interposer Boards

Communications & Control

  • Logic Signal/Timing Changes
  • Adaptive Fan Control
  • Output Sequencing
  • Peak Load / Efficiency Optimization


  • Conformal Coating
  • Ruggedization/Shock&Vib
  • Custom Chassis/Sled
  • Mounting Plates
  • Latch Mechanism
  • Sealed / IP Rated Enclosures
  • Customized Print / Marking / Labels

Rapid Modification Examples

Application: Networking - Routers
Base Supply: NPS42-M
Modifications/Value-Add: Factory preset of output voltage to 5.1V
Application: MIL/AERO PA System
Base Supply: iVS1
Modifications/Value-Add: Conformal Coating
Application: Computing
Base Supply: NLP250N-48S12J
Modifications/Value-Add: Replace input connector with cable wire assembly terminated with customer specified connector
Application: Laboratory Equipment
Base Supply: iVS1
Modifications/Value-Add: Configured iVS1 supply mounted on customized chassis with special connectors and accessories
Application: Video Surveillance Equipment
Base Supply: DS850-9
Modifications/Value-Add: Firmware change to reduce fan noise/speed during standby mode
Application: Video Surveillance Equipment
Base Supply: LCC250-12U-4P
Modifications/Value-Add: Factory preset of O/P to 12.5V
Custom length of input and output wires

Application: Server
Base Supply: MP6 + modules

  • Hot swap
  • AC/DC connector at the rear
  • Custom Sled
  • Latch mechanism


Application: ATM Machine
Base Supply: LCM600U-4
  • Output connector change
  • Firmware changes for load adaptive fan speed; Logic signal and timing changes
  • Additional safety standard certification
Application: Residential Air Handler System
Base Supply: NPS43-M
  • Mounting plate; Connector change; Vout preset change; conformal coating™
  • Special Tests and Safety requirements
Application: Network Switch
Base Supply: LPS203-M
  • Custom slide enclosure with fans; AC inlet; switch and output connector
  • Safety approvals on finished product
Application: In Flight Entertainment
Base Supply: DC-DC Modules, AIT00ZPFCx-x, AIT04RF300L
  • PCB assembly with Bricks, EMI filter, Hold-Up caps to complete PSU solution
  • Special connectors and sealed enclosure
  • RTCA-DO160 compliance
Application: Medical — CT Scan
Base Supply: iMP8
  • Customer specified enclosure; connectors and accessories
  • Ruggedization for shock and vibration
Application: In Flight Entertainment
Base Supply: LCC250-48U-7P
  • Customer specified enclosure and accessories
  • Value-Add design for RTCA DO-160F compliance
Application: Medical — Hospital Bed
Base Supply: LCM600Q
  • Electrical and firmware changes for customer peak loading requirements; adaptive fan speed control
  • Mechanical value-add (plate; connector and wire assembly) to match customer interface and mounting configuration
  • Medical Safety upgrades


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