OCP ORV2 Compliant PSU

Open Compute Project (OCP), Open Rack v.2 ORV2

Artesyn Embedded Power introduces 6,600W (N+1) V2 power shelf which houses three 3,300W power supplies shown on the left. Each PSU has a 12V main output and 3,300W rated power and 270W at 52.5V for battery charging.

See also OCP ORV2 Compliant Power Shelf

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  • Total Max Power:
    3,300 W
  • Total Max Current:
    265 A
  • Input Voltage:
    180 V to 305 V
  • Output Voltage:
  • Outputs:
  • Size (L x W x H):
    20.850" x 6.500" x 2.560"
  • Operating Temperature:
    -5°C to +45°C
  • High efficiency, Titanium 80 Plus Compliant PSU
  • Hot pluggable PSU’s
  • Open Compute Project (OCP) compliant PSU’s
  • Digital control for better accuracy
  • Status LEDs for fault reporting

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