What is RSS?

RSS Feed Icon

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and allows you to see when a website has added new content. Feeds can contain almost anything including a list of news items, latest products, or even video content. When a feed is updated you will instantly receive the latest content without having to visit the website.

A feed consists of a list of links with a title, date, and a description. When you click on the link you will be taken directly to the item on the website.

How do you use an RSS feed?

There are lots of uses for feeds and many ways to view them. You can download a 'News Reader' program for your computer or alternatively access feeds directly into a modern web browser, in the form of bookmarks. There are also several websites and portals which allow you to customize RSS feeds.

Clicking the orange RSS feed icon will open up the feed. If you are using a web browser with a built-in RSS feed reader it will likely open using this, otherwise, you may see the list of items contained within the feed. To add or subscribe to the feed with your news reader software, copy or drag the URL into your news reader.

The news reader software will then check the feed at regular intervals to see if there are any new items and update the feed for you.

Which RSS feeds are available?

Artesyn Embedded Power list of available RSS feeds is shown below. Click the icon or link to subscribe to the feed.