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iMP Series

About iMP Series Configurable Power Supplies

Today's short design-to-manufacture timescales, narrow market windows and whole-life cost reduction goals demand flexibility at all levels – especially in system power provision. Artesyn Embedded Power' iMP™ series configurable power supplies are designed specifically to help.

All iMP series configurable power supplies are fully digitally programmable. You can configure the power supply to precisely match your application requirements – and you can even change your mind later, to accommodate unforeseen or new power requirements – and then set it up to do exactly what you want, when you want.

Intelligent Configurable Digital Control

IDC IMP Series Configurable Power Supplies

Both the case and the individual power modules of iMP series power supplies feature integral microcontrollers to maximize control flexibility. All communications between the host controller and the power supply are handled via I2C bus, using the industry-standard PMBus™ protocol.

Setting-up an iMP series configurable power supply could not be simpler. The power supply comes complete with easy-to-use control software that runs under Windows® on any standard PC and features a highly intuitive graphical user interface. The same control screen is used for all power modules and all operating parameters. So as well as defining a module's output voltage and current, you can just as easily adjust its OVP, UVP and OTP limits, change its OCP mode and control signal, and even force fan speed override if you need.

Powerful Real-Time Monitoring

RTM iMP Series Configurable Power SuppliesThe iMP series configurable power supply control software offers exceptionally powerful real-time monitoring facilities. A single screen conveys all status information, to provide at-a-glance performance confirmation for the entire power supply, including the case and all its constituent modules. The monitoring screen displays correlated functions as sub-panels to ensure unambiguous visual interpretation, and data can be presented both numerically and graphically – at the same time, if required.

Configuration Flexibility

Totally modular in design, iMP series configurable power supplies provide you with unsurpassed configuration flexibility. There is a choice of single, dual and triple output modules, six different power ratings and 25 different output voltages, from 2 V to 60 V. An optional power hold-up module is available to increase voltage sag ride-through time. Configuring the power supply of your choice has never been easier.

iMP Extension Adapters

iMP Extension Adapter

The iMP extension adapters provide USB and Controller Area Network (CAN)/RS485bus connectivity. They are fitted internally to the power supply and connect with its I2C bus to provide a complete interface that enables iMP devices to be controlled by a simple command set, conveying a very high level of configuration flexibility.

The CAN/RS485 to I2C interface adapter module connects with CANbus architectures through CaseRx/CaseTx interfaces on the iMP case. The module communicates with the onboard I2C bus via the MODbus protocol for RS485 bus and via the modified MODbus protocol for CANbus. The USB to I2C interface adapter module connects to a USB port on a standard PC and provides bidirectional communication with iMP devices using the PMBus protocol.

The adapters enable the iMP to be used in numerous ruggedized applications, including automotive and industrial networks, medical equipment and building automation systems.

Key Features

  • Full medical approval to EN6061-1 Type B
  • Intelligent I2C control monitoring of voltage, current & temperature
  • Six types of power module – including single, dual & triple output units
  • 25 standard output voltages, from 2 Vdc to 60 Vdc
  • Up to 1,500 watts & 21 separate outputs from one power supply
  • Optional SEMI F47-compliant power hold-up and Oring modules
  • Advanced PMBus™ digital monitoring & control functions
  • Voltage adjustment on all outputs - manual or via I2C
  • Programmable voltage, current limit, and inhibit/enable via I2C
  • Configurable current share on all outputs greater than 10A
  • Configurable signals & indicators
  • Configurable output up/down sequencing
  • Intelligent fans - speed control/fault status
  • Processor-controlled PFC input with active inrush protection
  • Optional extended power hold-up module

Key Applications

  • General industrial use
  • Medical and laboratory equipment
  • Test and measurement systems
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Production and process control equipment
  • Military and aerospace systems
  • Data storage systems

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