Compliance and Ethics

Artesyn Embedded Power strives to provide increasingly efficient products for our customers while at the same time benefiting the global communities in which we operate. As a Company, we set goals, track our progress, and report results to a dedicated Compliance and Ethics committee in an effort to drive continuous improvement in the areas of environment, ethics, and health and safety for our employees and our communities.

Code of Conduct

Artesyn has adopted the Responsible Business Alliance’s (RBA) Code of Conduct.


Ethics and ethical behavior is of the highest priority at Artesyn. We train our employees to uphold our ethics standards and share our ethics requirements with our partners.


Artesyn sets annual environmental improvement goals to decrease energy consumption, increase the percentage of waste that is recycled or reused, decrease waste sent to landfills, and increase the percentage of our energy that comes from renewable sources.

Responsible Sourcing

Artesyn is committed to responsible sourcing of materials and components throughout its supply chain.